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Working Title Note Recorder
Campus DCTC
Working Title Note Recorder
Location Dakota County Technical College
Duties 1. To provide the student with an accurate and full account of the information conveyed in lectures or classes where it is necessary to take notes. 2. To ensure notes are clear and comprehensive. This requires fast and accurate typing, legible handwriting, accurate spelling and the ability to extract all relevant information from lecture material. 3. To provide notes to the Office of Accessibility Services within the same business day, in an agreed format set by the office. (In many instances this will involve provision of typed notes, but might also include alternative formats, such as handwritten/ large print/ on A3 paper/ on colored paper/ delivered by hand/ typed-up or scanned and sent via email. 4. To complete and return relevant paperwork accurately and promptly. 5. To work in a professional, helpful and flexible manner, maintaining confidentiality at all times. 6. To be mindful of the importance of the role you are engaged in for the services you are providing to enhance student’s learning. 7. To liaise with the Office of Accessibility Services on an ongoing basis, in order to monitor support, provide adequate notice if you are unable to attend lectures and ensure notification of any changes to your availability for work or contact details. 8. To engage in training relevant to the role and occasional supervision/ team meetings where relevant.
Qualifications 1. Accurate spelling and grammar skills. 2. Ability to provide clear, succinct notes. 3. Clear and legible handwriting at speed. 4. Ability to work on own initiative, independently and to deadlines. 5. Well organized, punctual and reliable. 6. Have a positive attitude towards equality and access for people with disabilities.
Work Schedule On-call; flexible Current need: - Tuesday, 12-2pm (until March) - Tuesday/Thursday, 9am-11am (until March) - Tuesday/Thursday, 9am-11am - Friday, 8am-12pm
Start Date 1/13/2020
End Date 6/30/2020
Number of Positions 2
Hours Per Week Up to 20 hours/week
Contact Name Stacy Pederson
Contact Phone 651-423-8469
Contact Email Stacy.Pederson@dctc.edu
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