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Working Title Veterinary Technology Student Asstistant
Campus DCTC
Working Title Veterinary Technology Student Asstistant
Location Lakeville Campus
Duties The student employee position(s) will provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience while enrolled in the Veterinary Technology Program. They will report directly to the Program Director and their responsibilities will be conditional based on the level of coursework that the student is currently at in addition to any training and supervision by staff and faculty. Weekly: • Set up all animal records including all necessary (required) paperwork each week. • Disassemble all animal records at the end of each week and scanning all records for the veterinarian and rescue groups. All records will then be put together and filed in the appropriate filing cabinet. • Supervise animal care shifts, adhering to all IACUC, OSHA, AVMA and regulatory guidelines. • Assist when necessary the intake and check out of rescue animals on campus. • Monitor and assist during open labs, including helping students with equipment, sample handling or to answer any questions. • Assist in cleaning the veterinary technology facility, ensuring that it remains in a sanitary and presentable condition at all times. • Assist in cleaning and sterilizing the animal enclosures in order to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and provide a pleasant living environment for the patients. • Helping to maintain the campuses veterinary equipment, following all manufacturer guidelines. • Feed, water, exercise and walk the animals. Checking that the animal records are being completed accurately. • Take blood, urine and other samples to perform diagnostic testing, such as: fecal floats, blood chemistry and analysis, external parasites, including up to x-rays, under the supervision of other veterinary personnel. • Fill or administer any medications that the veterinarian has prescribed. • Observing animal patients for changes in status or behavior. • Assisting the veterinarian or veterinary technician giving animals nursing care or first aid. • Assisting with inventory, rotating of stock (removing expired items or marking items for ‘DEMO’ use only), ordering, stocking and putting away orders as they arrive and update the SDS with any new items. • Assist with set up and preparation of laboratory supplies as needed. • Additional duties as outlined by the Resident Veterinarian, Program Director, staff or faculty. Semesterly: • QC the SDS book; ensuring that current items are correctly filed and items not used are removed. • Assist Veterinarian with the animal number counts and reset the files for the upcoming semester. • Remove and file all log book entries from all classrooms, replacing the binder with new sheets for the upcoming semester. • Audit the animal records to ensure that all animal numbers are accounted for and that all records are secure. • Do a campus sweep and remove any expired items, and note to replace items before the next semester. • Double check that all stains, disinfectants, solutions and other liquids are cleaned out and replaced at the start of the new semester. • Check for any malfunctioning or broken equipment, damage to the facility or any other issues and report them to the Program Director.
Qualifications 1. Veterinary Technician Student 2. GPA of 2.0 or higher
Work Schedule Varies based on student schedule each semester
Start Date 1/13/2020
End Date 2/26/2020
Number of Positions 2
Hours Per Week 12.00
Contact Name Nicole Nieman, CVT
Contact Phone
Contact Email nicole.nieman@dctc.edu
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